Monday, May 18, 2009

batter up!

Our minor-league baseball team had a 6:05 game this weekend---which is rare. Usually the games start after 7, which is too late for our little ones. However, a 6 o'clock game lets you catch most of the game, eat yummy ball park food and lets the kiddos stay up a little late---all in the name of FUN!

Unfortunately, Charlie couldn't attend because was a little under the weather this weekend. But, we found a babysitter for him and took Luke out for a special treat. We met up with some friends and had a great night! It turned cool on us, so we were all a little cold, but the kids had fun running all over the grass (we didn't sit in the stands---too confining) playing tag, taking breaks to see baseball action and of course stuffing their faces with hotdogs! Luke enjoyed running all around swinging his pretend bat. A baseball star in the making??

Now this is fun!!

Daddy and me!

Our friends caught the game with us!

Hey, do you think I'm ready to join him on the field?

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Katie B said...

I just saw your comment on MckMama's blog...and we do know the names of her kids...she linked us to the newspaper article written about them and it said all of their names...
Keiran, Cullen, Maisie, and Stellan...and husband is Isreal...which I never would have guessed!!!


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