Wednesday, May 6, 2009

strawberry pickin'

Yesterday, Luke and I went with some friends to go strawberry pickin'! A local orchard has been growing strawberries and for a couple of weeks they've had signs enticing us to pick some! Finally, we had a break from the rain, so a bunch of us decided to check the scene out. We were told to find the reddest ones (the green ones taste like dirt), and because they don't use pesticides, they told us if any of the strawberries called out to us, we could pop them in our mouth on the spot! We grabbed our buckets and headed out. Luke had fun and was a very conscientious strawberry picker. He would examine some that I found and tell me there was a green tip, or that part was too mushy, or that might be a bug hole in the strawberry. He was pleased with his picks though! We have been enjoying our juicy, messy treats at every meal since and he declared this morning, "Mommy, these are so yummy! We will definitely go back and pick more!"

a taste test--yummy!

Luke and his friend checking out berries or bugs--not sure which

This one looks perfect!

Wilson, Griffin, Hil and Luke--cute buds!


Anonymous said...

Wow - that looks like fun, picking strawberries! They definitely look big, red and juicy. Next time I must go along. Love to all, Mimi

Anonymous said...

precious pics! be glad your picker was so precise. i think i only had 20 good ones after our $10 purchase. ha! they had a blast, though!

Anonymous said...

btw, that last post was from me,
jennifer thompson


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