Wednesday, May 6, 2009

celebrating Auntie

My sweet great Aunt, Maryanna Popper, ( we call her Auntie---sounds like Aunt Tea) had her 88th birthday last week! Our family took her dinner and cupcakes to celebrate and spend time with her. She has been the biggest Christian influence in my life. She taught me Bible verses when I was a wee little tot and played the piano while singing hymns with me when I would go to her house. Most important of all, she taught me about trusting the Lord and about His promises to provide us with all we need. She taught me that God would never give us anything that we can't handle without Him. Every year for special occasions, she makes Bible verses in calligraphy, on paper burned around the edges, adds a beautiful sticker and encloses them in a card to me. I save every single one---some are on our fridge, some on my bedroom mirror, some I use as bookmarks, etc. I LOVE them! They are daily reminders of God's love and how I need to spend time in the Word, as well as reminders of how she loves me. Auntie, we all love you so much! Thanks for letting us celebrate your birthday with you!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Auntie is a very special person and we love her dearly. Many thanks to her for all the dear sweet moments we've all had together. I must say she's still a very active person!! Puts me to shame...that's for sure. Great picture, Lindley Love, Mimi

Jennifer said...

what a legacy! and a blessing!



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