Saturday, May 9, 2009

a year in pictures

When both of my boys were born, they received elephants with their name on it. Every month, I took a picture of them with their elephant. Now that Charlie is 1 year old, and actually almost 13 months, I decided to post his first year of growth in pictures!

1 month old (a little floppy)

2 months old!

3 months old!

4 months old! Ahhh, there's a smile!

5 months old--getting bigger!

6 months old!

7 months old!

8 months old! Merry Christmas!

9 months old! Drooling like crazy and haven't stopped since!

10 months old!

11 months old!

1 year old (actually closer to 13 months---Mommy was a little late getting around to it)! Happy first year of life! We love you!


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

so cute!! I can't believe how big they get! I wish I had done that with both my boys.

Ashley said...

so cool! i love these!! -wish i had done that with our elephant!

Anonymous said...

Lindley, what a clever idea! And he's so cute and grown up looking now!

Aunt Mary! said...

I personally love the transition from 2-3 goes from "Why are you looking at me?" to "Woo hoo, picture time!"

I love you Baby Charlie!!

Anonymous said...

What can Mimi say but just adorable and I love you!


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