Saturday, April 18, 2009

our birthday boy!

It's hard to believe our Cheerio-lovin', head-tiltin', crab-crawlin', Mocha-chasin', danger-findin', adorable grinnin', froggy huggin' bundle of joy is 1 year old!!! What a treat this past year has been. Charlie is such an amazing blessing and we love him with all of our hearts!!

In some ways it seems as if he really grew up over night---which is what Luke thought was going to happen to Charlie on his birthday. Chad went in to get Luke up on Wednesday and Luke was thrilled that it was Charlie's birthday, because Charlie was going to be a big boy---literally. Chad said Luke was actually disappointed when he saw that Charlie was still the same size!

Charlie told me he wanted to have a birthday playdate with his friends---instead of always going to playdates with Luke's friends. Lucky for Charlie, Luke's friends all have younger brothers and sisters around Charlie's age! So, we invited a few little bits over to play and have lunch. It was lots of fun for Charlie and Mommy!

Then, later that day, we had a family cookout. Chad's parents came to town for the celebration, and my parents, sister and her boyfriend all came over to join in the fun! We ate burgers and dogs, played and of course had Charlie's first bite of cake!! Charlie loves frogs and ducks, so our favorite cake lady made a perfect cake for his first birthday! It was a perfect way to celebrate Chuckles' day. Happy Birthday little muffin! We love you so much!!

Charlie and his buddies!

Our head-tiltin', froggy huggin' little 1 year old!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

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