Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth day--every day!

Luke and I have been talking about Earth Day, which is this Wednesday, April 22nd. I've told him that it's a special day we focus on helping save our Earth, by keeping it clean, saving energy, etc. He knows that we need to turn out lights when we leave the room and he has a HUGE desire to pick up trash thanks to a fun game we play on Starfall. This year we're planning on planting some herbs or flowers (to be decided after our Lowe's run tonight). Luke also wants to pick up trash--so I may get some gloves on the kid and head out to a park to do just that! Anyone with little kiddos want to join us after school on Wednesday?

I've always tried to get out and do something to help save the Earth on Earth Day's in the past, but have really felt the need to not just go green on 1 given day a year, and instead, try to make several changes to incorporate saving the Earth every day! I wrote a post about this last August and heard from lots of you with ideas you all do around your house. So I wanted to share this post from the blog, Simple Mom, I came across recently with 40 tips to Go Green. I, personally, still can't get my mind around #32--but kudos to those of you who do!! Good luck and let us know if you are doing anything for Earth Day and/or anything else new you have come up with to be more environmentally conscious!


Lisa Joy said...

Thanks for the Simple Mom link! I'm going to do #3 this week! I've been stewing about how to effectively and economically make a compost bin, and this one solved my problem! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Happy Earth day indeed!!!

I will say, if you completely shut down your computer at night it cuts down on energy consumption (AND bills-which SHOULD be paid online-very green as well!)

Also, any type of charge with a box/block at the end of it, even if it's not charging, should be taken out when not being used (e.g. phone charger, camera charger)


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