Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Joyous Day!

Chad's favorite holiday has always been Easter. For the longest time, I didn't agree with his choice. Not because I don't love Easter, I do--but Christmas has always been my favorite. I have always loved the miracle story of Jesus' birth and of course, the carols, gift-buying, tree-decorating, Santa wishing, etc.

However, the past couple of years, Easter has had more and more of an impact on me. It's just the whole idea of what the Lord sacrificed for us, His Son, for us??? And---what an amazing miracle, for Him to die and rise to give us eternal life. What LOVE!!! Without fail, every year, when we sing Christ the Lord is Risen Today during Easter service, I cry! How joyous!!! This year was especially sweet because Luke is old enough to start understanding (as much as a 3 and a half year old can) the meaning of Easter. He actually didn't even care about the Easter bunny. Not at all that there is anything wrong with the Easter bunny and eggs and chocolate---because there isn't! Bring on the chocolate!! And, not that Luke didn't love the little happies the Easter brought and all the egg hunting we did, but--it was really special to be able to share the joy in our Savior dying and saving us, with Luke.

We did have a great time on all of our egg hunts---I think there were 4 different ones! It's a fun tradition and wonderful to share with family and friends!

So excited about his Little Einstein's book

Still looking for another egg

Oooh, I found a blue one!! My new favorite color!

Charlie and his Easter basket!

Our Easter chickies!

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