Monday, April 6, 2009

the big "project"

A new "project" has begun at our house! We bought a playset for the backyard and have been trying to keep it under wraps from Luke. We had the boxes sitting in our garage for a couple of weeks, until this weekend, when the building started. Chad and I toyed with the idea of paying someone big bucks to assemble it for us, but came to our senses and realized it's part of being a parent and it's a LOT of money to pay someone to do.

Well, after reading the 70 page booklet, watching the video of how to assemble it, unloading huge boxes of parts and counting them all---Chad was tempted to reconsider and shell out some cash!! BUT---he forged on! Some friends came by for a few hours to help him get it started and the task was under way. We kept telling Luke that Daddy was working on a "project" and he seemed fine with that for a while. He then started asking about a playground because he saw some pictures and oh yeah, the big slide laying on the ground!! So, we told him what it was going to be and he was all smiles!! I was hoping to have it finished (I sound like I've been doing all the hard work, don't I?) by Easter, but it all depends on weather and maybe other helpers---Ahem, Dad, Ahem--welcome back to Memphis--think you can give up some golf to help Chad out?? :)

Getting started

Luke checking out what his Daddy is doing

Charlie licking his chops--hammer in hand and Daddy's little helper outfit on!

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Miss Angie said...

Yuck I hate putting stuff together like that! You'll have to put a pic of the finished project on here once it's done. Where did you find your new background for your blog? Maybe I need a change with mine, too!


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