Tuesday, March 31, 2009

upon turning 33!

Just last week I celebrated my 33rd birthday! To start the day, my honey made me breakfast in bed!! It was delicious and such a relaxing way to begin a fun day. He also decorated for me--balloons, a banner and flowers!! Sooo sweet!! Prior to my big day, people kept asking me what I was going to do on my birthday. Since Thursday was not a school day for Luke, I had both boys. It was supposed to be beautiful outside, so what better place to go, than to the zoo? I love the zoo!! The kids love the zoo!! Our friends love the zoo---so they came along too!!

As we were driving to the zoo, I was telling Luke everyone that was to be joining us. Turns out, his boy buddies couldn't make it, so I was playing up the fact that he would be surrounded by girls (aside from little Charlie and little Charlie's buddy, Knox). He said "Great" and then followed it with, "But I love Daddy, and he's a boy. Can he come to the zoo too?" Awww, precious love for Daddy! We had lots of fun at the zoo and my sweet friends and all the kiddos serendaded me with "Happy Birthday" and passed out cupcakes for all to enjoy! I am so thankful for such sweet friends!

That evening, my parents, sister and her boyfriend all came over to have dinner and celebrate with us. Chad, once again, played chef---and made delicious steaks (I was going to be happy with pizza, but Luke requested steaks--no lie). He and my mom teamed up with the rest of the meal and we had a lovely evening (well, minus the Tigers losing)! It was a special way to celebrate! I love you family!!

Waffles and berries--yummy!!

A little dark, but tulips, a banner and balloons---how exciting!

Totally candid---the kids decided the giraffes were stinky---led to a lovely conversation about animals and poop!

Mommy and her sweet Charlie---who's also going to have a birthday soon!

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amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

Oh my goodness Charlie is SO big!!! I can't believe it! Has it really been a whole year?? Happy birthday too!


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