Friday, January 16, 2009

9 months old!

Unbelievable!! Charlie is 9 months old! We had his 9 month appt. this week and our dr. seems pleased. Charlie's a little down in weight this month, (since he was sick for 6 weeks) but he shot up in length so he's now in the 50%. Our dr. told us to start finger foods--meaning not only Cheerios, but anything that we eat (minus the peanuts, honey, etc). We've been trying Cheerios and Veggie Puffs with Charlie for almost 2 weeks now and he's NOT interested in putting them in his mouth. He's great at using his thumb and pointer finger to pick them up, but if we help him along by putting it in his mouth, out comes the tongue and up go the hands to push us away!! This is all new for us since Luke loved food from the start. He was also putting anything and everything into his mouth at a young age. So, the transition to finger foods wasn't tough. If you have any ideas to get Charlie to eat, let us know! I know, I know, eventually he'll eat---we all do, right?? Still no crawling for Charlie. He's not quite able to get up on all fours yet. As much as I want him to hurry up and crawl---because crawling babies are so darn cute--I'm not ready for him to be mobile even more!! I still know I can leave him in one spot and he'll be there when I get back!

Here's Charlie's 9 month picture with his elephant. We've been taking a picture of him with his elephant every month to see how he's grown. Luke was VERY insistent that I take a picture of him with his animals too. He wanted to be in a picture---what a little ham!

I just had my shots---don't really feel like smiling for you Mommy. I have no problems with drooling though.

I want to be in a picture too, Mommy!!


Anonymous said...

Look at that big 50%-er. I remember the days when he was below 25%!

amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

Super cute boys as always! Maybe you could try giving him a biter biscuit/cookie thing. I know their messy, but he may get used to the different texture in his mouth...just a thought. =)

Kelly B said...

Libby wouldn't put anything in her mouth herself until after she was one. She really liked for us to feed her those little gerber graduates raviolis on a fork. then eventually she would eat them herself. She also liked to hold a banana and those wagon wheels and eat them. lets get the kiddos together soon!

Anonymous said...

I miss them already and we've been gone only 1 day. Love to all, Mimi

Unknown said...

A-Baby Charlie is stinkin precious

B-Buddy, Bun Bun, Stella, Thomas, and Pooker! Adorable1


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