Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the wonders of a bottle

Chad has been wanting Charlie to be able to feed himself for sometime now. I don't think for any reason other than to say he can do it! Some of our friends have twins the same age as Luke and when they were little (probably around 4 months--or at least it seemed that young) they could feed themselves! Chad was super impressed--and I was too--but our friends HAD to teach them to feed themselves for lack of hands!! If I had twins, I'd be teaching them to feed themselves too! I, on the other hand--at this point, have no interest in Charlie feeding himself. I like the cuddling and know that it won't last for long! Charlie though, suddenly seems interested in the bottle--as something separate from himself!

Oooh, this looks cool!

I can hold it by myself!

How does this work again?

Awwww, I'm so cute!


Anonymous said...

Aww...A blog devoted purely to Chuckles. How sweet!

And, yes, I did get formula all over my shirt in that last one.

And 4 months?! Are you kidding me? It was more like 4 weeks - those kids were crazy!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures of Charlie are so cute playing with the bottle. Get ready, because Charlie will be doing everything before you know it!! Love to all, Mimi


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