Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a little snow magic!

To me, there is nothing more magical than snow. Period. I love it! It makes me giddy. It makes me calm. It makes me praise the Lord on the spot. I knew today would be special due to the historical presidential inauguration, but adding snow to the morning made it even more so!
Luke and Charlie joined us as we were busy getting ready back in our bedroom this morning. When we walked out for breakfast, Luke asked why there was snow on our neighbors roof. Without looking at all, I assumed he meant frost. As I crossed by our front door though, I saw the snow pouring down!! I couldn't have been more excited! Seriously!! Snow does that to me--it makes my heart jump! Luke and I did a snow dance and ran to tell Daddy it was snowing.

Now, for all of our friends and relatives in the mid-west and up north---this was more of a dusting. Apparently snow flurries were predicted (though I was totally unaware) and while this was definitely more than flurries because we actually had snow covering the roofs and grass, this was still not a significant snow. BUT WHO CARES???? It was beautiful pouring down!

I needed to run to the grocery before Charlie's morning nap. Normally, with the slow pace little Luke is in on normal mornings, we wouldn't have made it. However, this morning, all I had to do was tell him if he ate quickly, we could actually drive in the snow!! Boy, that had him eating like he wasn't going to eat for another month! We finished breakfast lickity-split, went to the grocery and made it back in no time flat! He was as giddy as I was!
As soon as we got home, Luke was BEGGING to play in the snow. Again---there wasn't much, but he was insistent. He asked for me to get a sleigh (which we of course don't have), a snow shovel (again--don't have) and for me to make snow balls with him. The snow was powdery, so our attempts at a snowball were challenging. I went inside to unload the groceries while Luke continued to play. As I walked by the window, I saw Luke sit down in the snow. I was intrigued! Then he proceeded to lay down. Of course I ran to grab my camera and came back out to Luke telling me he was making a snow angel!! Adorable!!

After our mini-snow adventure, we made hot chocolate to warm up and watched the inauguration. Luke, who loves saying Barack Obama, was thrilled to have me explain the event. Initially he refused to call him President Obama and insisted he was Barack Obama, but we're working on it!

Luke wasn't blinking here. He was purely enjoying making a snow angel!!

Had to capture a picture. Could be Charlie's first and only snow this year!

Really wanting a sled---just for this! Too cute!

Just had to touch it with his bare hands!


Anonymous said...

your pics made me wish we had skipped M-Heart. by 11am, most of the snow was gone. glad you had such a fun, special morning.

Ashley said...

this makes me miss you so much, lindley! i love how you love the snow! the picture of luke with his eyes closed just taking it all in is priceless. and i don't know what it is but little parker is exactly the same way in that he likes saying obama's name too. -funny!


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