Thursday, October 16, 2008

it's Charlie's turn!

So, a few days ago I gave you an update on Luke since he just turned 3 years old. It's Charlie's turn now. Charlie--and you might need to sit down for this--is 6 months old!! Okay, maybe I just need to sit down as I feel like I've been doing the exact opposite since he was born! I'm in shock that 6 months have passed so quickly! A half a year already???

A little about Charlie. . .
He's so content--except for when he's not! :) Okay, really he is a super content baby! He THRIVES on eye contact and loves to give out smiles for even the quickest glance his way. Just yesterday he was sitting in his bouncy seat at the dinner table with us and I was talking to Luke but turning my head looking at Charlie and he just started giggling! It became a game. I'd look away and then look right back at Charlie and he thought it was the funniest thing ever. He loves attention!

Charlie also thinks his big brother is pretty cool. We'll be reading a book to Charlie and if Luke is bouncing around the room--the book loses and Luke wins out! I think it's adorable how Charlie will just watch Luke move around and laugh at different things Luke does. Luke, on the other hand, can take or leave Charlie on any given day. Some days he has to know where Charlie is at all times and wants him close by, while other days it's the opposite. In fact, yesterday, while Charlie and I were playing the fun look-at-him-look-away game I mentioned earlier, Luke popped out with "I want Charlie to go back in Mommy's tummy." Hmmmm, sudden jealousy? I hope not---but I guess it's to be expected.

Sweet Charlie just mastered the art of rolling over both ways. He's had the tummy to back down since month 2, but the back to tummy just occurred a couple of days ago. He's also enjoying fruits and veggies baby food now! He's actually much more of a veggie fan at this point, but I'm wondering if it's because I combine the fruit and oatmeal in the mornings. I don't think he likes the oatmeal. I've just started noticing that Charlie is responding to music now too. He's enjoying our singing, but is very aware of and calms to music on toys or classical music, etc.

It's been so much fun watching Charlie grow--from a totally different perspective than the first time around. In some ways it's hard not to compare Charlie to Luke (at what age did Luke roll over, do this or that, etc.) because Luke is the only reference point we have. But, from the other perspective it's so amazing to see how this little cutie is his own self. Does that make sense?

I was recently told that I am "too thankful." I don't think that's possible. Chad and I have SO much to be thankful for and can never thank the Lord enough for everything he has given us--especially for sweet and beautiful little boys!
6 months old! Notice the wet ring around his neck---teething perhaps??

Mommy, are you sure about this??

Luke wants to take a turn feeding his brother!

Yummy carrots! These things are delicious!

Adorable little Charlie!


johnsmith said...

He knows you're coming, and at this point the inevitable has happened. He's stuck with you. For two days, flying thousands of miles in a small private plane with all the comfort of a four-door sedan. The sportswriter vs. Charlie Weis. He'd rather take a sledgehammer to the knees than endure this tortur.



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amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

I can't believe Charlie is 6 months old either!! He's adorable and looks a lot like Chad to me. Luke is adorable too. I especially like the Gibson Donut birthday, priceless! Miss you!

Sara said...

Yeah for Charlie! He is super cute!!! Can you post a picture of 6-month Luke beside 6-month Charlie? I would love to see the differences! And whoever told you that you are "too thankful" should...well, I won't say. Your "attitude of gratitude" is a huge reminder to me to "count my blessings". It always encourages and convicts me! Keep on sharing your thankfulness with us!!!


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