Monday, October 13, 2008

Luke is 3 years old!

This past week our little Lukey had his 3rd birthday! I've been mentally prepping for it for several months now by saying he's almost three, but there was still that moment of us going in to sing Happy Birthday to him when he woke up on Friday, that made me teary! In a good way though---we are SO proud of him and love him beyond comprehension! What an amazing boy the Lord has blessed us with!

I took Luke and Charlie to the zoo on his actual birthday and he had a blast. For our family celebration we had a party at Gibson's donuts (at his request---he actually said he wanted to have his birthday party at Gibson's--I couldn't believe it)! He filled up on sugar and icing and was bouncing off the walls! Thankfully at 5:30pm on a Friday night, there weren't many customers in for donuts! We all went back and enjoyed pizza and Luke began opening presents. It seems that on big occasions we always manage to have late bedtimes----we don't ever try to do this, but it always happens and attitudes go downhill! So at the end of his birthday night--we were all ready for him to be in bed! :)

Luke's friend birthday party was at Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop. They put on a cute, inexpensive party if you are ever looking for ideas. After being a little overwhelmed at the beginning of the party, Luke warmed up and he and his friends had a great time! Two days in a row of pure sugar and bouncing off the walls make for a tired Lukey. He took a great nap on Saturday!

A little about Luke's personality. . .
Luke is definitely an encourager. He tells Charlie, "Good job, Charlie" when he rolls over. He tells me "Great singing, Mommy" when I sing in the car (not sure if that's encouraging or being tone deaf), he tells Chad, "Good juggling, Daddy" when Chad's playing with him, etc. We're always hearing encouragement from our Lukey. He's also a BIGTIME negotiator. If we say 2 more minutes until bedtime, it's 3 more minutes from him, or if we tell him to go do such and such, he starts this cute story about how "Scoop" (a toy of his) has to drive around the block, around the traffic, and then to get his friends so he won't be lonely, all before do the such and such we ask. Yes, that's disobedience because he doesn't obey right away, but sometimes Chad and I just laugh to each other at hearing these little negotiations that come from his mind!

Watching him grow and develop has been such a blast. He's such a sweet and sensitive boy. He still loves to cuddle and I, of course, eat that up!! He loves books and wants to read all the time. We hope that's something he never grows out of. Luke is easy to excite and has the most genuine adorable reactions to things! He's also very cautious about things and is only comfortable with some things if Mommy and Daddy make it seem okay. He's going through a "fear" phase where so many random things are scary---bed knobs, clocks, certain wall lights, occasionally people, etc. At the same time he's cautious about things, he loves to explore and learn. We're definitely in the midst of the "Why?" stages.

Just a few more tidbits about Luke. . .
Favorite color---He'll tell you it's red--just like Aunt Mary's and just like her car
Favorite food---blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries---supply him with berries and he's a happy camper! I'm not sure what we'll do during the winter when the berries aren't looking their best! He really likes pizza and Cheez It's too!
Favorite toy---he'll say cars, trucks, trains and planes---but currently it's his Bob the Builder vehicles
Favorite show---Bob the Builder
Favorite song---the Bob the Builder theme song----noticing an OBSESSION??? We hear this theme song for hours (I'm not exaggerating) on end. He sings it for 30 minutes in a row while playing with his toys, for 30 minutes at nap and 30 more at bedtime. He loves Bob and friends--and really, it's quite adorable!!

Devouring the blue donut he picked out!

Our family!

In the middle of his sugar high--posing in front of the trays of donuts! Yummy!

The Bob the Builder cake for his friend birthday---isn't our cake lady awesome??!!

Aunt Mary, Mimi and Charlie in all the fun too!

Some of Lukey's friends trying to see what flavor of ice cream they want!

I unfortunately didn't get a group shot with all the kiddos, but we managed to corral some of them! Happy Birthday Lukey--you are our angel!!


Ashley said...

glad he had such a happy AND yummy b-day! :)

Miss Angie said...

Aww you lil boy is getting to be a big boy! He's a cutie!


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