Monday, October 6, 2008

Playing at the beach

We're back from a vacation at the beach! Chad headed off to NYC and London on business (poor thing), so my parents invited the boys and me on a trip to Destin (poor us I know). What a wonderful treat it was!

The weather was perfect---I highly recommend a Florida vacation in October--and it was really relaxing. Luke had a blast playing on the beach with his trucks and shovels. He loved the waves and though he wasn't quite sure of the seagulls at first, he grew to think the baby seagulls were cute and had fun chasing them down the beach! Luke and Grandpa also had fun building sand castles, but I think Luke had more fun destroying their creations with his sand plow! Charlie is still a little young to appreciate beachlife, but he was able to enjoy some fresh sea air. He actually picked up some bad non-sleeping habits on this trip, so I have a feeling I'll be spending some time trying to break those!

I'm normally a fan of posed pictures, rather than candids, but I've quickly realized that with a toddler who has a mind of his own and a 6 month old, good posed pics are hard to come by. Here are several of both that captured our fun! Thanks Mom and Dad (Mimi and Grandpa) for a special beach trip. We love you!

Mimi and Luke playing in the sand!

Grandpa and Charlie trying to get comfy on the beach!

Luke digging a hole and watching the water fill it up!

Luke showing Mimi and Charlie his cool seashell!

I love my boys!

Grandparents and their grandsons--such love!


Anonymous said...

I love the candid pics! Also, Charlie is looking more and more like Luke! I am glad yall had a fun trip!! Lets try to get together soon!

Miss Angie said...

Aw what a cute family! Your boys are cutie-pies & I can tell they are spoiled by your parents! Tell everyone I said hi!! :)


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