Friday, October 24, 2008

a little piece of college football family history

So it's almost Saturday and around our house Saturdays are referred to as "College Football Saturday!" Yep, we love college football and this year just happens to be a HUGE year for us. I thought I'd give you a little history so you can see why we cheer for who we do!
Chad and I both went to Baylor University for undergrad. We met, fell in love and cheered on our Baylor Bears. The only problem with Baylor is they play in the Big 12 and against teams like Texas and Oklahoma, Missouri and Nebraska, etc., so they are lucky to even have a winning season. Boo hoo! For those of you who only focus on the SEC, Baylor is like the Vandy of the SEC---except for this year, when Vandy is actually doing well! We still cheer, but it's rare that their games are shown on TV in Memphis!
We then got married and decided to go to grad. school. We chose Indiana University and became Hoosier fans right away. Now, Indiana is well known for their basketball program, so college basketball season is lots of fun for us thanks to Indiana. However, IU's football team isn't so great either---maybe a little better than Baylor. Indiana also plays in the Big 10--typically a tough conference, so they too, often have trouble during their season--except for last year, when we did really well! Fortunately we have the Big 10 network so we can see more of their games.

BUT, here's the part that makes Saturdays "College Football Saturdays." I grew up cheering for Penn State! My dad went there and ever since I was a little girl, I have been in blue and white ALL the time cheering on our Nittany Lions. My sister eventually went to PSU too, so as you can see our family's blood runs blue and white. You've NEVER seen a college football game until you have been in Happy Valley at a PSU game. With 110,000 people (that's right) cheering and screaming, the atmosphere is electrifying! So this year, our beloved Penn State team is currently ranked #3 and we are pumped for tomorrow's game at Ohio St. It's ESPN's College Gameday too--awesome!!
So, why does Chad care about "College Football Saturdays?" His dad went to the University of Texas. He was raised a Longhorn fan. I still think I'm more of a Penn State fan than he is Texas, but that's beside the point. He loves the Longhorns. AND---currently, his team is #1!! As a Baylor girl I quickly learned that Texas and Texas A&M were the enemies, but once I married Chad, I had to accept Texas, as he had to accept Penn State. So, right now, I have no problem cheering on his Longhorns. Plus, I think Texas' quarterback is awesome!
The big question is (and I really am NOT trying to jinx our football situation here--there's a long way to go in the season still) what will happen to our family if Texas and Penn State play in the National Championship???? Lots of you SEC fans have this happen to your families at least once a year, when Auburn plays Alabama or UT plays someone and so on. But for us, with Penn State and Texas in two different conferences, this could be a first for us!!

Chad and I have already discussed what will happen with Luke. Luke loves to cheer for his Nittany Lions and has recently attempted the Longhorn sign too---poor child might be put right in the middle!! At least for me, my family had decked both the boys out in Penn State attire, so we might have an edge!! :)

And since I'm writing this blog--I'm posting a picture of my boys and me all dressed in PSU!!!


ferniBlog said...

Seems to me your loyalties are spread pretty thin...ha ha! I'd be fine if you let Texas go...then you'd have more love for the other, more important teams!

Woohoo for Penn St...I just finished watching the game and can just imagine your excitement!

Love ya!

Unknown said...

I didn't think my nephews could be any cuter until I saw them in their Penn State gear!! =)

And as for Luke, we at least have to train him not to tell Aunt Mary "Hook em Horns" over the phone when she's in tailgating in Columbus for the big game...

As Luke later said "...ARE PENN STATE!!" (The "WE" was implied!)

Miss Angie said...

Uhh....too much sports talk for me, Miss. ;) Anyway I'm sure you know that UT's quarterback is from Graham, right??? :)


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