Monday, October 1, 2007

mommy pipeline

Just thought I'd pass along some info. down the mommy pipeline! I've known about this for a while and just haven't thought to pass it along until now.

If you use Pampers for your children, take note. If not, you can stop reading.

You may know this already, but I think it's an awesome bonus to using Pampers. In every box or bag of whatever you buy of Pampers diapers, there is a sticker on the inside. This sticker has a long code of letters and numbers. If you register at Pampers online (this takes no time), you can start adding points from the diapers you buy. These points add up and you can then get goodies like free books, free DVD's, free toys, etc. Well, I guess technically they aren't free because you pay shipping and handling, but the items are free.

BUT---since I don't think it's even worth paying the shipping and handling, I look for other items to get. Here's where it gets exciting. . .they have a coupon for a free Blockbuster night!!! It's legit too. You just save up 50 points and voila! We've done this twice now. You get 2 free movies, 2 free Coke products and a tub of popcorn (which wasn't great)---but again, 2 free movies!!! All of this, for merely buying Pampers diapers---which you have to do anyway!!

Check it out--it's a great way to have a fun movie or 2 for FREE!!!

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Miss Angie said...

Well, this wasn't that helpful to me, but I just passed the information on to Melissa & Bethy - 2 friends of mine that are either new mommies, or are about to be. :)


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