Friday, September 28, 2007

Luke's super fun fair day!

This is fair month in the city of Memphis! First we had the Delta State Fair and now the Mid-South Fair is in town. I was actually ridiculed by a friend of mine for going to the Delta State Fair, because it isn't the REAL fair. The Mid-South Fair is the real deal. If you grew up in Memphis, you know it's true. Nevertheless, Luke has now been to both!

Mimi and Grandpa called us up yesterday and asked to take Luke to the Mid-South Fair. Ohhh, how much fun we all had! Luke learned how to be a farmer and picked eggs and apples and put them in a basket. He played in a hay wagon and had a blast sliding down a slide into hay. Luke also went to several petting zoos, held and almost strangled a chick, kissed a real live bunny rabbit, fed some goats, and ate yummy fair food!

The highlight of his fair trip with his grandparents was probably his pony ride. He was giddy with excitement to be riding on a real horse! Mimi and Grandpa definitely spoiled him too. He got ice cream and they even bought him a blow up "Boots the Monkey" (from Dora the Explorer) balloon!

He had the time of his life! He talked about the fair the rest of the day yesterday saying "The pair (he uses "p" for "f") was so much pun, and the pony, and the bunny rabbits and Mimi and Grandpa and Mommy!" Even today he asked me if Mimi and Grandpa could take him to the fair again!

"Mom, really. I'm trying to load eggs into my basket. This is serious stuff!"

Grandpa and Luke getting ready to feed some goats.

These goats were hungry!

Here's Luke kissing a real bunny!

Luke had the biggest smile on while riding this pony! He thought it was so cool!

Mimi, Luke and Grandpa---what a super fun day!


Miss Angie said...

Lil Luke is getting so big! I can sure tell your parents love him to death! :)

Mary said...

I just almost threw up from how upset I am that I missed out on this! Luke kissing the bunny may be the cutest picture I have ever seen...ever...seriously. And in that last picture, you just HAD to taunt me with the pronto pup stand in the background! You and Luke have eaten 2 pronto pups in the past month--Aunt Mary--0. That's it--I'm going eat fried pickles this week and take pictures of it...


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