Friday, September 21, 2007

Hawaii (Part 2) Maui

So after our fun time in Honolulu on Waikiki beach, work was done for Chad and off we went to Maui!! Oh my goodness, we loved it! Maui was beautiful and green and lush. You could see ocean an mountains of rainforests at the same time. Amazing.

Anyway, we decided against staying at a resort on Maui, since we already did that on Oahu. We opted for a smaller, more secluded spot called Mama's Fish House. We had a cottage equipped with everything we needed (full kitchen, laundry, etc.) It was cute. The restaurant is actually the most famous restaurant on Maui and was delicious! Just look at their menus and see for yourself. Here's a view from our beach at Mama's Fish House.

We actually weren't at our cottage all that often. We rented a convertible when we arrived on Maui and the second day we were there, we headed off on the Road to Hana. That was my favorite day. We had a blast hiking and climbing waterfalls. We were gone for 12 hours that day!! Anyway, those pictures are by far the best, so here's a taste of that day!

Our first stop on the road to Hana was a great hike with a pretty view. We didn't stay terribly long because there was lots more to see!

Here I am pointing out 3 waterfalls we hiked to find. On the actual road to Hana, you can pull your car over and see them from a distance, but Chad and I found a secret path and we climbed down boulders and hiked through the forest to get up close and personal with these falls! It was awesome!!!

Here's another picture of those falls---so pretty!

Though lots of our Road to Hana adventures involved hiking and climbing waterfalls, we did stop at Hamoa Beach to lay out and catch the waves for a short time. One of Chad's favorite things to do in Destin in body surf. Imagine the waves in Hawaii---he was in his glory!!

We also stopped along the way at one of the famous black sand beaches in Hawaii. We found this cave and it was mesmerizing to watch the water come in and out of the cave and crash on the rocks just beyond the opening.

Here's a beautiful view from the end of the Seven Sacred Pools. They are several waterfalls that all pour out into the ocean here.
Here's a picture of us before our 4 hour hike up and down the waterfalls. You don't want to see a picture after we came down as we were pretty sweaty, muddy and soaking wet!

And finally, though this picture doesn't do it justice, here is the ultimate waterfall that we came to climb. Gorgeous!!!! Everyday we were in Maui we were just thanking God for his amazing creations!!
So, we have TONS more of pictures and stories---you would definitely get bored--but we wanted to share some of our adventure with you. We truly had the best time. Coming home though, to our little Luke was incredible. We missed him SOOO much!


Lauren Lewis said...

I love this pictures!! Especially the last one of the waterfall. Praise God!! I think that you just had your second honeymoon. I am so glad that you felt good. You are a super trooper for doing all of those climbs!! Please continue to keep us posted on baby Jackson.....

Anonymous said...

Some of those shots of the Road to Hana are incredible. The 3 bears that you're infront of are great. You must have gotten down in the waterfall area to get that angle.

Thanks for sharing your experience. More people need to know how incredible this island is. Mahalo!


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