Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!

Happy Birthday Luke! We have a 2 year old! Wow--that is so strange to say! Our little Lukey turned 2 yesterday! What a wonderful time it has been. God has blessed us beyond comprehension and we are so thankful to Him. Luke is such a joy in our lives and we feel honored that the Lord chose us to be Luke's parents!

Luke is definitely growing up fast. This time last year he couldn't walk or talk and now he's running and speaking in sentences! Some of his favorite things are trains, trucks (he's learning all kinds of construction and emergency vehicles), animals and reading books. He's just a little sponge and picks up on so much. Luke's also a copy-cat, so we have to be careful too! Here are some more little tidbits about Luke. . .

--loves letters and singing the ABC's; he likes to call out letters he sees on signs as we pass by them

--he's also learning his numbers and can count to 13; he can count to 10 in Spanish too (although he occasionally leaves out uno and tres--it's so cute)

--he likes to go outside and point out everything God made (leaves, pretty flowers, trees AND trucks and houses too)

--Luke has a super sense of direction and just by turning on certain roads he knows where we are going--well before we get there. Yes, Target is definitely one of those places. In fact, today as we were eating lunch, he looked at me and said, "Maybe we can go to Target this afternoon."

--Whenever he sees a FedEx truck on the road, he yells out "Go, FedEx" (wonder who taught him that). He also asked us the other day to turn on "Go Penn State" (again, wonder who taught him that). Chad and I DO watch Penn State, Indiana and Baylor every Saturday---it's the only day of the week that the TV is on all day, but apparently Luke thinks we can just turn football on at anytime!

Anyway, I could go on with stories about how cute, sweet and brilliant our child is, but what parent couldn't??? So, I'll leave you with some birthday pics!

Here's Luke helping Mommy make number 2 cookies for his birthday! It's a Buchas/now Jackson tradition to put flour on your nose when making cookies. He thought that was great and kept telling me my nose was white too!
This was the face that greeted us first thing on his birthday morning. Chad and I went up singing Happy Birthday and then asked Luke to smile for the camera. We got a smile and a BIG "Cheese!"
Since Lukey loves trains, and loves them coming out of tunnels, I asked our cake lady if she could make one. Here's what she came up with! How adorable!!
Our very happy and very blessed little family!


Mary said...

I can't believe how fast little Pooker has grown up! His voice and smile (and even cry-y'all might disagree!) are all adorable and make Aunt Mary happy just to be around him. So happy I got to celebrate with y'all...can't wait for the pony ride with Luke!

ferniBlog said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!

I can't believe he is 2 already! What a fun stage!!!!

How are you feeling????

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Luke! We hope you had a wonderful day : )

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Luke!
Wilson and Hil

Anonymous said...

This is Angie being anonymous since it won't let me log in, FYI...

Miss, I remember the days of when we were 22 & being someone scared of teaching our 1st year together in the hood. Now look at you - all grown up: having a 2 year old, now with another baby on the! Congrats!


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