Thursday, October 18, 2007

funny stories

Now that Luke is talking non-stop, we have lots of funny stories to share. I really need to be writing these down in a scrapbook! Here are a couple that made us laugh this week. . .

The other day, Luke and I were driving around town. Out of nowhere, Luke says "Mocha is a good doggy!" I tell him he's right. Then he says, "Luke's a good boy!" and I tell him he's right again. Then, he says "Mommy's a good boy!" So, I explain to him that Mommy's a good girl. So now, he thinks he gets it and says "And Daddy's a good girl!" I was laughing out loud! I explained that Luke and Daddy were good boys and I that I was a good girl. Since then, he has it right!

Another funny story from the other day was when Luke was sitting in a chair with me reading a book. He kept trying to get up a little higher and was jabbing his elbow into my tummy. I told him he had to be careful because there was a baby inside Mommy's tummy. **Keep in mind, since I'm not really showing yet, we haven't focused on Mommy being pregnant, etc. So Luke looks at me really confused and lifts up my shirt to see my tummy. I laugh and explain that the baby is under my belly button. He then lifts up his shirt and asks "Baby's under Luke's belly button too?"

Luke just keeps us entertained. I love that he's communicating now--it's a blast!


Mary said...

Oh how adorable-he did have the boy/girl thing down today at lunch! For anybody reading this-my personal favorite was when I put one of my hats on Luke the other day and he looks up from underneath the hat and says "I'm too cool!" Oh.My.Cuteness.

TheSturms said...

Hey guys (and gals - hah!) We love reading the stories! Do write them down, as they will warm your heart to read over and over as he gets older!

The Sturms


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