Thursday, August 9, 2007

trying to beat the heat!

I hear that much of the nation is going through a heat wave, though I'm sure that doesn't make any of us feel better. It's funny to me that when I look at the forecast and see mid-90's down from the 100's, I actually get excited! WOW! Anyway, we've been enduring sweltering heat and trying to find things to do indoors. So far this week we've been to the indoor playground at the mall with some friends, we have had a playdate inside our home, we've been to storytime and Luke had a playdate with Mimi and Grandpa. We are quickly running out of ideas as the earlier summer activities we used to do involved fun to be had outside (parks, zoo, sprinkler park, pool, etc) and it's much to hot and dangerous to enjoy those right now.

On a thankful note, our air-conditioning is fixed! Yep, it broke sometime yesterday and that afternoon I noticed our thermostat reading 81 degrees. NOT fun. We called some people who couldn't come out until this morning, so we debated whether we should pack up and head to my parents or tough it out. We opted to stay in our house. It was slightly cooler in Luke's room so we thought he would be okay. It was the first night he has slept without footie pajamas!

But think, we only had to "suffer" for one night. Think of all the people who don't have air-conditioning in their house or cars. It just makes me incredibly thankful that the Lord has provided us with so much. We have air, a house, food, clothes--everything we need. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

Here are a couple of pics from a sunflower field near us. We braved the heat for 10 minutes! Luke loved exploring the field and certainly did not want to leave.

Luke and his daddy!

Mommy and Luke inspecting a sunflower!

We got him to stand still for more than 2 seconds!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Luke and the sunflowers!! Of course they are great of Mommy & Daddy also. HEE HEE Past by the field the other day and the heat is beginning to take a toll on the Sunflowers. Glad you have air conditioning tonight with the temps at 101 today! Love ya, Mom

Ashley said...

Lindley, that last picture of Luke is so so sweet. What a cutie! Stay cool! :)

Anonymous said...

How ADORABLE!! And look at the beautiful sunflowers a mere minutes away from my FUTURE HOME!!!


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