Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My 100 List

I was intrigued by other people I know who have done this, so I'm joining the blogging trend. I'm not sure I can make it to 100 things, but here goes. . .

1. I am a child of God. I know that He loves me unconditionally and forgives me daily, and while I don't deserve it, this is the most amazing, wonderful gift I can have.

2. How do I follow up with something after #1?? That is so important that it makes the rest of this seem trivial!

3. I truly believe I am the luckiest woman alive. I have the best husband, son, family, friends and doggy in the world!

4. I'm not a fan of hot weather. I love the beach and summer activities, but I would take a snowstorm over both of those anyday! I live for snow!!!!!

5. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I've been to 19 different countries (20 if you count crossing into Candian waters) and I have dreams of making it to many more!

6. I should own stock in Hallmark. I believe there is a card for every occasion and I have an unusual gift of memorizing birthdays and anniversaries (and sometimes get offended when other people don't have that ability).

7. Speaking of #5, I love birthdays!! I grew up in a family that had huge birthday celebrations!

8. I also remember phone numbers. If I've called it once, it's memorized! Maybe it's a number thing related to #5.

9. I always knew that my parents loved me, but I never really understood it until we had Luke.

10. Being a mom is the greatest, most rewarding, fulfilling (and challenging) job I've ever had. I'm so honored that God chose me to be Luke's mom.

11. I love sports! Football, basketball, golf, baseball, you name it, I love it!

12. I used to want to be a sports broadcaster.

13. I can't live without cable because that means we wouldn't have ESPN--seriously!

14. I think I watch more ESPN than Chad does. However, he listens to more sports radio than I do.

15. College football starts in a couple of weeks! I couldn't be more excited!

16. I've been feeling a little untalented lately. So many of my friends can sew or make stationery or have their own home business. How lucky!

17. Sometimes I wish I were Mary Poppins and could wiggle my nose and have my house clean (did she wiggle her nose, or was that just Bewitched?)

18. Well, I definitely have wished in the past that I could be Dorothy and just click my heels and be home. Thankfully now, I am.

19. Tomorrow starts the second school year that I am a stay-at-home Mommy!

20. It's crazy to think that my very first students I ever taught are now 21 and can legally drink.
21. I'm only on #20??? Tthere's no way I can make it to 100!!

22. Seattle and London are my 2 favorite cities!

23. I love exclamation points!! Can you tell? They add so much to a sentence--don't you think?

24. I am a plane crash survivor. Ask me about it, I'll tell you sometime.

25. I love Nissans! I've had 4 cars at some point in my life (used, hand-me-downs, or new) and all of them have been Nissans.

26. Pizza is my weakness. I could eat it every day!

27. I guess chocolate is a weakness too then.

28. My parents gave me all the lessons I could have ever wanted (dance, tennis, art, piano, voice, and more). Although none of the lessons made me outstanding in any of them, I think it's one of their greatest gifts to me---it let me explore. I hope we can do that for our children.

29. I love reality tv. I love competitions and it intrigues me that people are willing to be so vulnerable in front of millions of viewers.

30. The DVR might be one of the best inventions ever made.

31. Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. It's like my whole body just jumps right into this different world for 2 hours. They are so entertaining!

32. I get highly annoyed when I miss previews, or heaven forbid there's only 1 preview, or even worse, it's one I've already seen and don't care about!

33. Speaking of getting annoyed---I cannot stand incompetent drivers. Figure out where you are going, go the speed limit or higher and get off your cell phone if this prevents you from doing both at the same time!

34. Starbucks makes me happy.

35. Baskin-Robbins ice cream does too!

36. I can't go into Wal-Mart unattended---I might get nauseated or violent due to frustration with the experience. I do not enjoy Wal-Mart.

37. Super Target is one of my favorite stores!! I could spend hours there!

38. I think going away to college was one of the best things I ever did. I actually grew up and learned to be assertive!

39. I also met my future husband and the love of my life there and I couldn't be more blessed to have him. He is my dream come true! It's amazing to think that God created him just for me! I love being married!

40. Our first date was to Taco Bell----he's since then stepped it up! :)

41. I joined a sorority at Baylor and loved the experience. My sister later joined the same sorority at her school, so we are not only sisters, but sorority sisters too! Fun!

42. My sister lights up my life! I love her so much! She's 7 years younger than me and one of my best friends! She is what sisterhood is all about.

43. I'm blessed to have a sense of direction. No maps needed for me!

44. I didn't go to my own high school prom, but when I was a student teacher, I was asked to a prom. What's up with that?

45. When I was a counselor, one of my 5th graders invited me to her sleep-over. (I didn't go)

46. One of my favorite Bible verses is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." -Phil. 4:13

47. FedEx is good---UPS is bad.

48. Some people need time to themselves. I'm not really that way.

49. In fact, I'm often energized by being with people. I enjoy small get togethers and big parties. I find people fascinating---guess that's one reason I enjoyed counseling!

50. A couple of years ago, I did a 3-day walk for breast cancer in Seattle. I walked every step of 60 miles in 3 days. I did it alone (look back at #49 and that will tell you it was hard to do) and it was one of the most incredible adventures of my life! I'm hoping the cure is coming soon!

51. I don't like manicures or pedicures.

52. I'll take a massage anyday of the week, month, year! It is my most favorite indulgence! If I ever won the lottery, you can bet I'd be getting a massage once a week for the rest of my life.

53. I like being appreciated and needed.

54. I think friendship is a 2 way street and it hurts sometimes when I see some friendships are only 1 way streets.

55. Ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality tests? I'm an ESFJ.

56. I used to want to be a marine biologist, but I didn't want to have to live on the ocean.

57. I also tend to get seasick--which would make #56 a little tough.

58. Chad and I went on a cruise to celebrate completing our Masters degrees and I didn't get seasick thanks to some meds called Bonine!

59. I really want our next cruise to be to Alaska!! How fun and cold!!

60. I can remember every single one of my teachers names from elementary to high school, yet I can't remember some of my most recent college and grad school professors names.

61. I may be 31, but I think I'm 21 at heart (hopefully I don't act like it though)!

62. I love the internet and think it's great for catching me up on important news or trivial entertainment and I love email and blogging too.

63. I hate the internet because I often fall prey to the medical sites that make me think I have some sort of disease!

64. I can't stand department stores. I don't like sorting through racks of clothes. I prefer individual stores with outfits layed out or on manequins.

65. I guess that's the way I am in life too. I can't visualize things, but when I see something I like or don't, I know it!

66. I love learning and while I'm done getting more degrees, I still wish I could just create my own bachelor degree.

67. Scrapbooking is one of my favorite hobbies!

68. I have a little bit of a temper (it's gotta be the red hair). It flares mainly when I'm on the phone with customer service or when I'm not in control.

69. Friends was/is my all-time favorite show! I can't quote it like my sister, but I love it just the same.

70. I am definitely Monica and I think that Chandler was the best Friend.

71. I have around 15oo songs on my iPod and it would take 3 and a half days to listen to all of them from start to finish.

72. I love music! I'm one of those people with a theme song for every occasion and every event in my life! Music engergizes me, it relaxes me. It can make me happy and sad. It's so powerful and beautiful!

73. One of my favorite Bible passages is Phil. 4: 4-7. . . Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

74. I try to live my life by this passage. I don't always succeed, but it is amazing the peace I find when I do give everything over to Christ and I allow him to take control.

75. I cannot put into words how much my parents mean to me. They have given me the most wonderful example of marriage and parenthood and love. They have been my encouragers, my support, my push when I needed it, my first Christian influence, and so much more. They have given me so much confidence and love and are a major part of who I am today.

76. Okay, back to the trivia. . .I can't snap my fingers. It's an ability I've always wanted!

77. I love weather! I could watch the weather channel all day long! I love the threat of severe weather too. The weatherpeople get all crazy and I get super excited!

78. I was a huge fan of Princess Diana. I had a beautiful doll of her in her wedding gown when I was little and have loved her ever since. I had just returned from London and seeing her palace, etc. when she died in the car accident 10 years ago.

79. I don't really understand the hype of Elvis though---totally different I know, but a big deal here in town lately, celebrating the 30th anniv. of his death.

80. The sound of my little boy laughing is one of the best sounds in the world.

81. I was once a waitress at Applebee's and got a $100 tip from some business men for "keeping the coffee coming!" I wish I could do that for 2 hours today!

82. I love playing Spades. It keeps you thinking.

83. I grew up with a board-game playing family. You haven't experienced fun until you've played games with my family! Love em.

84. I used to be an ice-skater when I was in elementary school. I could do jumps and spins and loved it! In February, Chad and I went to NYC and ice-skated at Rockefeller Center----I could barely skate at all. How sad!

85. We saw the musical Wicked when we were in NYC. It was great.

86. My favorite musical is Les Miserables. I've seen it over 10 times!

87. One of my favorite childhood memories was picking blackberries with my granddad.

88. I've never made cupcakes, but I sure love to eat them.

89. On road trips, when we cross into another state, we beep our horn. Do you do that?

90. I'm an optimist. I've no reason to be otherwise. I do have a realistic side of me too, but that doesn't keep the optimism down.

91. I don't like clutter yet being the sentimental person I am leads me to being a pack-rat.

92. Ironing is my least favorite chore. I'd rather clean toilets.

93. I tend to get snappy when I'm hot or hungry. Move out of the way unless you have food or a fan for me!

94. I love taking pictures and try to always have my camera with me. I find that as our memory fades, we can always look back at photos.

95. I like to sit and eat hot peppers out of the jar for a snack.

96. I over-analyze LOTS of things.

97. I really love my 30's so far!

98. Bubble baths are one of the best ways to get me relaxed.

99. It has taken me a couple of days to compile this list and I couldn't be happier that it's almost finished!

100. My second grade teacher told us one day that Christians do not worry. While that's not exactly true, she does have a point. Christians shouldn't worry, because God is in control.


Ashley said...

wow! that's inspiring! -i don't think i could think of 100 things. reading them made me miss you SO much! love to you all...

Miss Angie said...

Another great idea you had, & for me to copy on my blog! :) That is simply flattery for you, right? haha I really don't think I could think of 100 things for myself though...stay tuned!

amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

ok since you did it, I'm guessing I should do it...we'll see!

lindley said...

I think it's a challenge to all 3 of you!

Jennifer said...

that was fun to read...i feel like i know you better, and i'm esp. interested in finding more about the plane crash...hope to see you in the am....

Mary said...

A-Mary Poppins snaps, Samantha from Bewitched uses her nose!

B-When my sister says she could eat pizza every day, she means it!

C-Umm, let's not lie, Baskin Robbins does not make you happy. It makes you school-girlwhojustgotaskedonadatebythefootballstar-giddy!

D-I could keep commenting on yours, but I'll end with I LOVE YOU! I'll have to get to work on my 100 list too...
(That and WHY have I never heard about your $100 Applebees tip story? Crazy!)

Anonymous said...

Way to go! It's so fun to read these about everyone.

I'm laughing at Wal-Mart and weather men. I've decided that Wal-Mart just isn't good for my sacntification, so I don't go anymore, no matter how cheap I want something. I have a feeling that will change in a few months... I'm glued to the TV whenever we have severe weather. I love the street-by-street and seeing all the red and yellow on the maps and hearing it thunder outside - it's so obnoxious, but I love it!

Anonymous said...

Great read! I am an INTJ (I think, my memory isn't that great). Come visit us late next summer BECAUSE #22) It's Seattle; 59) You can depart from here on your Alaskan cruise, #87) We'll take you down our street or in our backyard to pick blackberries, and #34) There are 2 Starbucks in our neighborhood shopping center (and jillions around town, making me happy, too!)

The Sturms


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