Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Girls' Night Out!

Last night's Girls Night Out has been in the works since probably February or March when the Justin Timberlake concert tickets went on sale. Yep, that's right Justin Timberlake. My friend calls me up and asks me if I would want to go to the concert with her--she LUVS Justin (note this isn't LOVE, because she's happily married). I immediately say yes because I just really love concerts and I thought it would be a fun girl-bonding night! I ask another friend to go with us and bam--we have the tickets and have to wait several months for Aug. 6th to arrive.

Meanwhile, I keep getting comments from my husband that his co-workers are telling him that their 12 year-old daughters are going to the concert and I start feeling smaller and smaller and older and older. I also quickly realize that my friends who are going with me to the concert really LUV Justin (again note that it's not love--like many of the other young single women there) and they are more into seeing him than having a girl-bonding night. I start to panic a little. But as the concert approached, and JT's music is being played all over the place, and the paper has articles everywhere and everyone is talking about the concert (Justin is from Memphis, so this is a BIG deal around here), I start to get excited! He definitely has some fun songs, and so what if I see some of my former students?

So we met for dinner ( shared a pizza--yummy) and rode together downtown for the concert. Good Charlotte opened for JT and it was quite clear that no one was in the building to see them play--they weren't bad though. Eventually Justin came out and put on quite a show. We talked about other concerts we have seen and I've seen my share and quite a variety (Garth Brooks, U2, Bon Jovi, Journey/Def Leppard, Dave Matthews, Reba McIntire, Celine Dion and the list goes on). I have to say that this was a pretty impressive light and special effects show. He had some slow parts, but all of his big hits were great. We had a blast dancing and singing and it was well worth the ribbing I got from my husband and other friends.

I wish I could show you pictures, but as we arrived at the door after walking in the sweltering Memphis heat from the top floor of our parking garage, they told me no cameras--so we had to walk all the way back to the car. My poor friends. Anyway, we were all happy to see mostly over 21 year olds at the concert, though I did in fact see some former students. We didn't feel old---well that is until we all tried texting friends and sending pictures from our phone. We couldn't figure that out, and we decided maybe we are getting old!!


Anonymous said...

Don't feel old going to the concert Lindley because I just talked with a friend of mine and she and her husband went also. Wonder how they felt! HA HA They had just gotten back from a two week trip and were exhausted but still went to the concert.

Anonymous said...

Um, talk about feeling old. Your darling sister was up WAY past her bedtime. Yup, my sister was out until PAST MIDNIGHT and I had to get up for work...I feel old...and sad and depressed...what has the world come to? (Although it was the best date I've had in a long time--Luke is the greatest thing ever)

Miss Angie said...

Have you ever seen Justin put on a BAD show?! I'll keep going to see him as long as he keeps coming to Dallas! Can my boy that I LOVE dance or what?!? :)


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