Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Luke's big day!

So, today was the big day. Luke started school! Okay, okay, so it wasn't really school. It was just Parent's Day Out. But, it's like school, I mean he was gone the whole day and he has a "curriculum." Seriously, this has been a big deal for me lately. I've been talking, thinking, praying and dreaming about this day for a long time now. And, the day finally came!

We started out pretty rushed--shocker. Whenever we have to get out of the house early, it doesn't happen. Let me just say that next week I will be better prepared. I plan to label everything and even try to make Luke's lunch the night before and hopefully it will be smoother. Luke, of course had no idea I was rushing around and a little panicked about sending him off for a day to someone other than my family, so that was good.

I drop him off, he cries (which he never does when we leave him at church), so I get a little teary. Don't worry, it wasn't in front of him---it was when I was walking out with some other mom friends and they were comforting me. They already have 2 kids and assured me it gets easier to leave the kids the second time around! Anyway, I get TONS done today---grocery store, Target, sweep/vacuum, clean out the fridge, organize Luke's closet and our guest room closet, made a Goodwill trip, and even the grocery store again. I was SUPER productive and couldn't have been happier to pick up Luke. I missed him like crazy and couldn't wait to hear about his day.

Well, he only slept for an hour at naptime, so this afternoon was a little challening with a crabby-muffin ( as I affectionately like to call my little Luke when he's in a foul mood). The ladies told me he was great though and had fun playing! Luke told me he played with cars and trucks and put them through holes! Nothing is more exciting to him than playing with trucks!

Wow! What a relief to have this day behind me. It's always the unknown that's a little scary. Now, I know what to expect and can't wait for next Wednesday. It's fun to have a little talker who can tell me about his day. I just hope he sleeps next week!


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

YAY for Luke! I hope Jacks does that well!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are looking forward to next Wednesday. In my opinion, PDO only gets better with time! And, you WERE super productive.....I got tired reading all that you did! ;)


Anonymous said...

Does Luke know you went to Target without him? Cause that could get you in serious trouble Missy!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize started his mother's day out this week. I'm sure he missed his mom but had fun with new friends. Gosh, he's growing up so fast. Mimi and Grandpa miss him and wish he was in Destin with us. Of course, we miss you and Chad too but you don't change everyday or learn a new word everyday. Love to all. Mom

Anonymous said...

It's me again - did Luke get another hair cut. He's so cute in the new picture. I agree with Aunt Mary - look will be upset if he knows you go to Target without him. HA HA Love you

Miss Angie said...

I understand how it is hard to leave your child for a day. It's hard for me to leave the Chlo-meister now that I'm back on a working schedule. :)


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