Monday, June 25, 2007

summer adventures

I've been told I need to update my blog more. I promise to do better! We've been so busy lately. It seems that summertime is just packed with activities and adventures! This weekend we defied all logic and reason that would tell us to stay out of the heat and away from crowds, and headed to the zoo. It turned out to be fun and was just the right amount of time! We have a new butterfly exhibit and it was beautiful. The butterflies were everywhere, the flowers were gorgeous and the fountain and waterfall mesmerized Luke! All three of us loved it. The lions and the monkeys seemed to be too hot to want to play, so we headed to our usuals (the giraffes-Luke calls them "affes", elephants and the polar bears and they did not disappoint!

Luke in the butterfly garden!

Luke was trying to reach for a butterfly, but they are fast!

Also, Auntie Patty was in town this past week! We went over to my parents Friday night to spend time with her. My family loves board games, so after Luke went to bed, we played several rounds of Taboo and a game of Balderdash! You can't get through games with my family without laughing so hard your stomach hurts. It was so much fun! If you haven't played Balderdash, you need to get it or find some friends who have it. It's a good time!

Luke also had his first carousel ride. We went with some friends to one of our malls that has a playground area and a carousel. Even though in this picture it doesn't look like Luke enjoyed the ride, he really did. He would giggle as his horse started rising up and going down and when we had to leave--he wasn't happy!

Go, horsey, go!


Miss Angie said...

Yes, playing games with your family IS a blast! Even that crazy nosey-wosey game, or whatever it's called, that I "played" with y'all last time I was in town. :)
(PS-I cleared my cache & was then able to see your new blog).

lindley said...

Yippee! The things I'm learning and then teaching you Miss. How fun!


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