Friday, June 29, 2007


We've decided to do some major landscaping in our backyard. Our patio was getting a little small with our grill, furniture and now some of Luke's toys. Plus, we've never really liked the back of our yard--it was just kinda boring. So, we talked to some landscapers and they designed us a plan to beautify our big back yard!

The project was supposed to be done by now, but instead they are only halfway done thanks (and I actually mean it) to some MUCH needed rain around here. Poor Luke and Mocha have been banned from the backyard since it is a mess! I've been having to take Mocha out in our front yard on a leash and she's quite confused! Here are some of the before pictures. . .I'll show you the finished project when it's complete!

One view of the back of our house.

Another view. . .

A view of the back of our yard--oops, Mocha managed to sneak in here!

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