Tuesday, June 19, 2007

in my opinion. . .

Okay, so I don't think it's news to anyone that summer TV is boring. Sure, Chad and I do manage to find a few reality shows that keep us somewhat entertained, like Big Brother and Hell's Kitchen, but BB doesn't start until July and sometimes Hell's Kitchen is way too intense and I get all worked up watching it! We watch Hell's Kitchen mainly to check out the competition for my sister. She's a future chef in the making and we think she would ROCK that show!!

All of that to say that I LOVE the summer movie season. I may have mentioned before that I am a movie queen and that Ocsar night is my second favorite night of the year (behind Christmas of course)! It's true that most of the movies that come out during the summer are not the ones that win Academy Awards, but they are in fact hugely entertaining. Nothing is more exciting to me than going to a packed out theater on opening night of the newest blockbuster of the summer! Popcorn, Milkduds, sitting down next to strangers and by the end of the movie feeling like you know them a little more because you shared laughs and an arm rest! It's fantastic!

I did see 2 of the big 3 that opened in May. I saw Shrek 3 and thought it was just okay. I think I liked the first the best, the second the second best and so on---usually how it works. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 on the other hand was better than the second. I thought Johnny Depp was hilarious again and while it was a long movie, it didn't seem as long as Pirates 2. We've yet to see Spider Man 3.

However, a movie that was never intended to be a blockbuster has turned out to be my favorite of the summer so far--AND probably my favorite of the year was. . . The Waitress (with Felicity, aka Keri Russell). I hesitate to recommend movies because everyone has different tastes and different standards, etc. so read up on this one before just heading out based soley on my recommendation. BUT--it was really good! Plus, if you watched Felicity, you will get your Keri Russell kick. She was superb!

Okay, just felt like everyone needed a little movie blogging. That's all for now!


ferniBlog said...

You totally are a movie buff! :) We catch up on our TIVO stuff all summer...it's fun! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...Shrek 3...just okay? I might have to cry...

"I think I need a hug"


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