Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm curious. . .

My sister-in-law and I were recently having a conversation about date nights and how to have them once you have a child or (gasp) even two children, like she does and many of you do or are about to. I am curious about what you all think. How often do you have date nights (meaning just you and your husband or wife)? Do you ever have date nights that don't cost anything? What do you do? I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment (anyone can do this now) or send me an email!

The other day Luke and I went with some friends to a local sprinkler park. It was SO cool! There are all kinds of contraptions that serve as sprinklers for kids to run through. There's a super tall daisy that sprinkles water from its petals, a rainbow to run through, a tower with buckets that pour water down, elephants that shoot water out and much more! I didn't get pictures of everything, because I was busy trying to get the kids in some of the pictures, but the park is fabulous. You should check out your own city to see if you have something like this!

Here are the pics. . . it was a little rainy and a little chilly when we first showed up, but once the sun came out the kids had a blast! Have a super weekend!

"Umm, Mom, what is this?" Notice Luke's friend Mary Ross figured it out and is running away!

The sun still isn't out and the kids still aren't sure what to do with the water!

Tate knew how things worked. She's been there before and is a little older. She showed Mary Ross and Luke just what to do!

Now Luke is wondering why the water stopped!


Anonymous said...

Your Dad and I did a date night for awhile when Mary first started going out and then when she went to Penn State. We each took turns deciding what our date would be. The first one he showed up at the front door and brought flowers to me and then we went to a play - think a Circuit Playhouse. You can find fun things to do without costing much. Going on a picnic is always fun or going to the drive-in movie was a blast but this time of year it might be a bit hot. Of course, your dad would leave the car running and we'd pop our own popcorn and bring our own snacks. We decided once a month was good and to try new things even if we'd never do them again. Sometimes you learn to like something you didn't think you would enjoy. After awhile give it a rest and then take it back up again when you need a new connection. Look in the paper for interesting things. Even going to the art galleries or museums can be fun. We'd always make it a game with y'all (maybe more with Mary) because we didn't do that until she was gone. Don't forget the fun game we would play with y'all as children which could definitely be fun to do with another couple. (Leaving notes around etc. and then at the end you end up meeting for an ice cream. Maybe just having a game night with friends and leave the kids at home. Grandparents can always be available. Hee Hee Know you'll definitely find some fun things to do.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention how adorable the children look at the water park. Looks like a cool spot. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...


Matt and I are about to start a "trade off" with our next door neighbors -- we will watch their 2 girls one evening while they go out, and then we will switch in a few weeks and they will watch Colin. This way it's free and we can get out to spend some alone time. ALSO....when Luke is a bit older, see if there are any larger grocery stores where you can take him to the kids area for an hour and then just hit the store's coffee shop for an hour together while he is taken care of (again, for free) by the grocery store's play area people.

The Sturms : )

amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

Travis and I hardly ever have date night. We don't have any baby sitters! I did just get some offers last weekend, so I think we are going to take them up on it. Our problem is that we are the first of all of our friends to have a baby! I'm hoping to start the trade-off thing when all the other little one's come around! But I definitely think date night is a must!


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