Monday, June 11, 2007

VBS and golf--quick update

Sorry for my longer than normal break between posts! Last week I was teaching Vacation Bible School and we were super busy! I had 4 year olds and they were precious! Their conversations were constantly moving from pretend to real life. For example, one day a little boy made me a cake (out of play-doh) and wanted to me to eat some. So, I pretended to take a bite and really enjoy it. He thought that was great! The next day, I asked him to make me another cake, and he said "Silly, you can't eat that--it's made of play-doh!" It was an entertaining week!

We finished the week up with the Stanford St. Jude Championship (it's a PGA golf tourney). It's one of our favorite weekends during the summer. We always head out, follow our favorite players, or camp out on one of the holes. It's so much fun! Probably the highlight of the tourney though is having one of the best treats you've ever put in your mouth. . .Pronto Pups! If you aren't from Memphis, you've never heard of them. They are like corndogs, but 10 times better. I didn't know this until recently, but they originated in Memphis and are made of a different batter than corndogs. They are divine smothered in mustard and I downed one in no time!

Anyway, just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know why we have been absent. I'll post again soon!


Domestic Kate said...

now i really want a pronto pup. and a funnel cake.

Anonymous said...

People, when she says she downed one in no time, I mean we had not even walked more than 8 feet from the place that sold it to her...I was almost a little embarassed


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