Tuesday, May 29, 2007

weekend fun!

This past weekend was a blast! My parents watched Luke for us Saturday night while Chad and I went downtown to see a movie (Pirates 3---it was great!) and to the Sunset Symphony with some friends. We all sat on a blanket, talked, sipped some wine and enjoyed spending time with friends without our kids! The Memphis Symphony Orchestra played and there was a firework display over the river. Lots of fun!

We also spent a lot of time with my family over the holiday weekend--always nice! Luke had so much fun as he was re-introduced to the pool for the season. He loved playing in the pool last summer and it was a lot easier last summer too. This year, he has absolutely NO fear and was ready to dive in right away. He squirmed in our arms and thought he could just swim away. BUT, he can't, so it was actually a little scary for me. We would try to sit him on the raft in the pool too and he wanted to swim right off.

Luke was really entertained by Chad and his Aunt Mary doing cannonballs off the diving board. They also took turns shaking their wet hair in the water and making Luke giggle. Grandpa went to walk him to the fountain in their pool, and even then Luke headed straight for the diving board! I think we have a future Olympic star in the making!

Luke looking SO cool in his shades!

Notice how Chad and I are trying to pose calmly for the picture while Luke is of course, ready to dive out of our arms into the water. No fear (for Luke--tons for me)!

Enjoying the water with family!


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

That first picture of Luke is so cute! He looks adorable in the sunglasses. We enjoyed hanging out with you guys yesterday!

Domestic Kate said...

I love the pic of Luke in the hat and sunglasses!

Sara said...

Luke does look super cute! Does he really keep the shades and hat on? I can't put anything on Bo's face or head without him taking it off 2 seconds later! Bo does the same thing as Luke in the pool - wanting to jump out of our arms...it is quite nerve wracking, even for my laid-back personality!!


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