Thursday, May 24, 2007

I carried a watermelon

Okay, so you know the movie Dirty Dancing? Remember the scene where Baby offers to carry a watermelon to get up to the dance room with the resort staff? Once she gets there she blurts out "I carried a watermelon" and then asks herself if she really just made that comment. Remember?

Well today, Luke and I were walking out of Kroger and this strapping, young college-aged guy is walking out at the same time. BUT--I was pushing Luke in a cart with 20 bags of groceries and this guy was pushing a cart with 1 watermelon and that was it. I thought. . .really? Is this guy pushing a grocery cart with a watermelon instead of just carrying it to his car? I thought, maybe he should be saying "I carried a watermelon" instead of I pushed one in a grocery cart. But who knows, maybe he had a broken leg. Oh wait, nope, he walked out on both legs, not crutches! Okay, I'll stop giving him a hard time. Seriously, it just made me laugh when the Dirty Dancing scene came to mind. Do you know how long ago that movie came out? You don't want to. It'll make you feel old!

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