Sunday, May 20, 2007

World Famous Memphis BBQ Contest!

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Every year in May, Memphis holds an International Festival (appropriately named Memphis in May) honoring a different country each year. Key events such as the Beale Street Musical Festival (Corinne Bailey Rae, Daughtry, Counting Crows and more all played this year), the Sunset Symphony and World Famous BBQ Fest bring in thousands of people from all over the world to celebrate down on the river.

So, for the second weekend in a row, we headed downtown for BBQ fest! For those of you who have visited us in Memphis, there is no way we let you leave the city without trying some Memphis BBQ. For those of you who haven't yet been here, you haven't really had BBQ, until you have had Memphis BBQ. Okay, moving on.

We had a great time walking down on the river through the hundreds of booths that people across the world set up to see if their version of BBQ was the best. There are all kinds of contests, from best sauce to best booth, to best ribs, to best costumes (people dress up as pigs believe it or not). We enjoyed people watching and Luke had a blast at the booth across from us, where he spent most of his time kissing the wooden pigs! His favorite thing to do is give kisses (he kisses with his nose--it's precious) and hugs these days. Anyway, as I took him for a walk (or rather, he took me), a CNN reporter stopped me and asked me if he could take a picture of Luke. Of course, I said yes and we took him back to get a picture of Luke kissing the pigs!

Luke and Daddy playing at the BBQ fest!

"I really wish I could reach that pig, so I could give it a kiss!"

"Aha! This one is more on my level!"

Lucky Mommy gets a kiss too!

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Anonymous said...

Luke is really getting around town. He's so adorable with the pig. Can he oink like a pig. Will the newcaster put him on TV? HEE HEE Now the question is, does Luke eat the BBQ?


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