Sunday, April 22, 2007

Venturing out. . .

Venturing out isn't exactly what I mean, but you know how sometimes you tend to take the same streets to get somewhere, go to the same restaurants, etc? Well, after feeling tired, but refreshed from our morning on Nathan St. (see post below), we decided we should "spice" things up around here and instead of doing some of the same things we would do on any other weekend, we ventured out!
We made a family trip to the zoo (okay, so we have done that before) at the end of the day! We ran into our friends, the Butlers, and walked around with them some. The animals were really active and we enjoyed seeing so many animals out and about. We decided they were hungry and it was almost feeding time! Once we finished our trip, we too decided it was feeding time. Chad, Luke and I headed over to a yummy Mexican restaurant in the Midtown area! It was a beautiful day so we sat outside on the patio. It was a really fun and festive atmosphere!

"Wow! Look at those trees!"

Today after church, we grabbed some lunch, introduced Luke to a frisbee (he enjoyed watching Mommy and Daddy throw it back and forth) and then decided to have a family car wash! This was the first time my Pathfinder had been handwashed!! This was also the first time Luke had been a part of a car wash. It wasn't as easy as we expected and we got sunburned quickly-BUT, we had fun!

"Mommy, put the camera down and come help us!"

Luke wants his dumptruck to be washed too!

Luke enjoys his first popsicle!

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