Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nathan St. clean-up

Saturday morning Chad, my sister and I headed down to Nathan St. with others from our church for a clean-up project. We spent the morning scraping a house and then repainting it. Others did yardwork, cleaned up trash, constructed a building, etc. The idea was to spend time with the families, help them clean up the street and ultimately show God's love to them. These are the same kids Chad and I work with on Tuesday nights. I also saw some of my middle school girls that I worked with the past two years. They were down as part of the church youth playing games with the little kids on Nathan St, but they also helped us scrape!

Mary and some of the youth--busy scraping a house!

A partial view of the activity on Nathan St.

More scrapers--this project took a while!

It was wonderful to see some of my former students serving God!

The future meeting place for indoor Nathan St. fellowship!

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