Sunday, April 29, 2007

Touch-a-truck show!

Yesterday was beautiful, so we decided to spend some family time outside at one of our suburb's Touch-a-truck show! The town provided all types of trucks for little kiddos to come and touch, explore and climb inside. It was perfect for all of the moms and dads with their cameras out! There was a firetruck, a police car, a dump truck, an old army jeep, an excavator (oooh, I'm learning my trucks thanks to Luke), a backhoe, a roller and more! We thought since Luke LOVES trucks he'd have a blast. He definitely enjoyed the adventure, but we're thinking next year will be perfect. Luke was a little nervous about going up to the trucks and right now prefers just calling out to them as we drive through town!

Luke trying to drive the backhoe!

Luke in front of the roller. He didn't mind walking up to this one!

Mommy and Luke pose on the firetruck!


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

I wish I had known about the little brother was here and he would have loved them! Luke looks like he loved them too! Thanks for the tips with Jacks! See you 2 tomorrow!

ferniBlog said...

What a great community idea!!!! I'll have to remember that one! Those are great pictures, too! You look great...gosh, I miss you!!!! It's been way to long! :(


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