Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Camp Grandparents (and Aunt too!)

Well, Luke and I survived the past few days of Chad being out of town--with many thanks to my parents and sister! We were both thoroughly entertained! It was wonderful staying over with them. Luke had a nice change of pace and got SOOO much attention! Aunt Mary had Luke performing his "tricks", Mimi entertained him with the power washer, and Grandpa fed Luke waffles with syrup which he ate right up! I even got Chinese food last night (Chad doesn't like Chinese food--so I rarely eat it) and had a partner to sing Bon Jovi with while watching American Idol! It was amazing! I wish I had pictures from our "camp" experience, but shockingly I forgot my camera!

So, now we've left Camp Grandparents and are eagerly awaiting Chad's arrival! While we had lots of fun the past few days, we miss our hubby and Daddy!!

***PS--our new little nephew finally has a name. . .James! He and Kristen are exhausted, but healthy! Praise God!

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ferniBlog said...

Sounds like fun! We jammed to Bon Jovi last night, too! Fun times! Hey, Michael goes out of town June and Luke should come visit us! Wouldn't that be a blast?!?!?!


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