Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Beautiful Day!

Wow! What a beautiful day! Little Mocha must have thought she woke up in heaven this morning when Luke and I took her for a walk! She practically pulled us the entire walk and Luke laughed and laughed as she ran ahead of the stroller. It was a bunch of giggles interrupted by a "dagoo" type comment meaning "mailbox" followed by more giggles and more "dagoos." Really cute!

After our walk, and a quick trip to Super Target (Luke's favorite place--seriously) we met some friends at a playground! Luke had a blast climbing the steps, manuvering through tunnels and sliding down the slides. He definitely wore himself out and is taking a super nap right now!
I think he deserved a fun day like today after being such a trooper at the eye dr. yesterday. We did find out that we are scheduled for an MRI next Wednesday and don't have to wait until May. It's not at the children's hospital, but our pediatrician and eye dr. both think this place is good and would rather him have his MRI as soon as possible!

We feel that's a big answer to prayer already and truly appreciate everyone's concern and prayers. We love you all!

Here are a couple of pictures from last week's trip to the park. Luke loves to swing!!

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amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

Lindley I am so proud of you! I bet you'll keep this one up. It's lots of fun to brag and tell everyone about you kid! =) Luke looks like he's having fun in the swing!


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