Wednesday, February 28, 2007

plumbing issues and Luke's first haircut

Yesterday, I took Luke over to play with our neighbor, Christy's little girl. Her daughter just got a new play/swing set in the backyard and since it has been in the 60's around Memphis, everyone seems to be enjoying the springlike weather. Luke was having a blast carrying a ball around their yard, but is still a little wobbly in the grass, so he was often falling forward and catching himself before he fell down. Well, one of the times he fell down, Christy mentioned that she saw a little booty crack and we had a good laugh.

That of course leads me to mention (follow my train of thought here) that Chad and I are still having hot water/plumbing issues in our bathroom shower. (Did you follow?) Anyway, this morning I took a VERY cold shower. This problem has been going on now, for about 3 months--off and on. Needless to say that's not a fun way to start the day! **If any of our Memphis friends read this---send us recommendations for a plumber!!

It makes me realize though, how lucky we are and how much God has blessed us! We have food, shelter and clothing and plenty of people who care for and love us. There are so many people in the world who aren't even lucky enough to bathe at all. So, enough about that!

Luke got his first haircut today! He was an angel and wasn't bothered by it at all. I had my girl, Mandy, make sure to leave some of his curls in the back. I wasn't ready to let go of all of them! Don't worry, I didn't choose to dress as a zebra!

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Nana & Poppy said...

The Jackson Family Adventures are delightful! Of course how could they be anything else with this cast!

We love and miss y'all!

Poppy & Nana


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