Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Blog Ever

Okay, so I have always wanted to be one who kept up with the times. I feel like I've been pretty good at it until text messaging came along. I see my sister with her phone and it's like her phone is a part of her hand. It's amazing. She can text a thousand words a minute!! So, I attempt to try and text her one day (and a couple of other friends who complain that I don't text) and it takes me, literally, 7 minutes to type "Hey, how are you?" on my phone and send it. Quickly, I say forget it. Why not just pick up the phone and ask her how she is? Not that I won't try again, Biffer, don't worry.

I also tried the myspace thing out---only enough to create a page and never use it again. I think it's for younger (and yes, I feel old writing that) and single people.

Then, there's today. My friend, Amber, in my Mother's Heart Bible Study mentions she has a blog. I get excited and think WOW another advancement in technology to attempt! So. . .here it all begins. Maybe, I will stick with this one!

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