Wednesday, September 23, 2015

it's never too late--traditions in the sunflowers!

It's the first day of Fall and I never posted our sunflower patch tradition! Yikes! Still playing a little catch up around here! Of course, if you can see my header for this month, clearly, we did make it to the sunflowers before they were gone!

Getting our sunflower pics is always an adventure! The boys have room to run, check out the bees buzzing around and ALWAYS get sweaty. It's just that time of year. And every year when I announce it's the day to go to the sunflowers, I get push back. Ugh. Pictures. Even my Hubby isn't fond of the experience----but he is the sweetest photog assistant around and helps me score the shots anyway! This year, he had the boys prep their faces on the drive to the sunflowers. "On the count of three, give me your best "Bald eagle just landed on my arm" face!" Or something like that. He had them changing up their faces and acting out the scariest moments, most exciting moments, most shocked moments, etc. and they ate it up!!!

So before my peeps were all red-faced and dripping they were ready for their sunflower pics and Mommy was able to continue her tradition!

They love their Honey Bee Tees! I do, even more!! 
New or passed down, these are my fave shirts around!!

Sweet brothers and silly Waybe shots too!

Glory made her first sunflower appearance as well! And since my handsome, photography assistant was so sweet and helpful, he deserved a smooch! 
Upon seeing this pic, he said, "Ummm. Crazy eyes!!" Just crazy for you Hon, just crazy for you! ;)

 I love this tradition! Can't wait until the 10th anniversary next year! :)

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Judy Pearson said...

I wish I could have sunflowers in my garden they look so fresh and bright. Its a such a nice tradition you have introduced in your family.


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