Thursday, April 23, 2015

a little of this and that

This afternoon, I received this text from my Hubby. . .

He actually texted me from work to tell me that March 25th was my last blog post! I did have to think about it before I responded with "Blog?" because March 25th was the day before my birthday. I was frantic I missed something, but the #30daysandcounting helped me out! He's a fan and a keeper! ;)

Life has been a whirlwind, but I've wanted to blog so many times in the past few weeks, I truly have. So much I've wanted to say, express, memory-make, etc., but it hasn't flowed. What better way to get back at it, than to include some photos that missed the Instagram cut?!

As I mentioned, my birthday came and went, but with it, I got a BOB jogging stroller! I'm beyond thrilled! Our now old stroller was perfect when Way was an infant and Miles was still only 1. It was a double, sit and stand stroller and we loved it! But recently, the wheels started having a mind of their own and it wasn't always staying latched when open, so it was quite a hassle to maneuver on any excursion. Now, let the fun begin!!! Way loves the BOB already and even whines when it's time to get out!

Spring is finally here! We've been enjoying the outdoors while we can---before those uber hot days of summer arrive and we melt! As much as you read and hear me talk about how much I love winter, and I really, really do, I am still enjoying the spring. The daylight lasting longer is so inviting! I despise making my boys come in and do homework or chores when the weather is perfect for playing outside! Good thing the end of school is approaching, because this Momma is starting to let things slide for a little more laughter together in the backyard!!

Yes, life has been a whirlwind, and some of it has been hard. I'm still dreaming of living on that farm one day and kissing the hustle-bustle good-bye! But these smiles, family time, the joy and squeals of dog-piles with friends, learning how to ride a bike, shooting hoops til dark, hiding in flowering bushes, swinging and being filled with glee----these are the moments to cherish!


Unknown said...

Love it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers! Beautiful sweet faces! Love the pastels, Easter picture? So glad you are enjoying spring!! We don't have flowers yet, but we do have a 10-yr-old AND a 1 yr-old as of the 16th!!
-Jenni Blodgett

lindley said...

So happy to *see* you! It was an Easter pic! Can you believe how fast time flies? We will have a 10 yr old in the fall---double digits!! And I can't believe your baby girl is about to be 1!!!! How is life with 5??


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