Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Green Frog Farm adventures

Spring break has already come and gone around these parts. And, it was an extra long spring break that started 2 days early for us due to snow! Although after today's spring weather, it's hard to believe we just had snow less than a few weeks ago!

Our family ended up having a staycation! I think we considered nearly every major city within a day's drive and even some within a 2 day's drive. However, after looking at the weather and how we were feeling the first weekend of spring break (a smidge under the weather and exhausted) we decided to stay put. Hubby took off work and that made it all the dreamier!

One of our favorite parts of the week was heading out of town for a day to a log cabin! Ohhh my, it was fantastic! We weren't really sure what to expect. We actually only decided to go based on photos from a friend! Turns out, it was a good choice.

We pulled up in the rain. I wasn't worried because we packed tons of board games and books. But in no time, after exploring our amazing log cabin, the boys were outside exploring! They weren't going to let a little rain stop them. Or mom.

Green Frog Farm. The boys could hear the frogs and searched for them, but I'm not sure any were ever found! ;) This place was a settlement back in the day. The owners of our cabin are former missionaries to Thailand! Awesome!

So we ventured out. Our first discovery was a one-room school house--by far my favorite place--on the settlement. Ohhhh, my little heart went pitter-patter when we walked in! The boys loved it too, including Hubby, who took to teaching right away! Little Men, indeed!

Luke wanted to take the photo with him reading a school book. Melt.

And look at Chuckles' eyes. Always watching big bro! :)

And our sweet youngin's learning how this school desk thing works!

We found a little church too. And an organ. And a piano. Simple and sweet. Charlie's favorite place!

We kept exploring and came across open fields (little boys' dreams) and an old cotton gin too. Just really cool!

Basically, there wasn't much time for board games! We let ALL of the boys bunk up together in the little loft upstairs. Their dream come true. They BEGGED for Way to be with them and we decided to let it happen. After all, we did bring our pack n play! Just check out this little nugget of a find! Ship lap everywhere!!! I LOVED it!!!

The boys are 100% all in for going back sometime! We all thought it was pretty special!


Candace Echols said...

Finally getting around to reading this and so glad I did!! Looks like you enjoyed it as much as we did! Did you end up doing the safari park? I can't remember. Thx for going! It's a compliment that you took my recommendation.

Brenda said...

Enjoyed your story. I was googling the Green Frog farm and this came up. I enjoyed your blog and will visit again. I live in west Tennessee also.


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