Friday, May 16, 2014

FYI Friday: Way's heart surgery update!

I think this FYI Friday calls for a Waybe update!

It has now been over a week since our little Way had open heart surgery for a complete AV canal defect--which is a congenital heart defect--which means surgeons patched two holes in his heart. We've had a lot of people ask us if this is because he has Down syndrome. It's not. Everyone can have holes in their heart and many people do. However, your chances are greater if you have Down syndrome. All the technical jargon aside, I truly cannot express how I am feeling because it is difficult to put into words. But, here's a go at it. I think I speak for Hubby too, saying we are thankful, relieved, exhausted, amazed, a tad nervous and absolutely overwhelmed (in a good way) from the prayers, love and support of family and friends all over!

We've been home since Saturday afternoon, meaning I was able to be at home with all four of our boys on Mother's Day! It was sweet after a rough week. We checked into Le Bonheur Children's Hospital on Monday, the 5th, at noon and spent the rest of the day getting Way prepped for his surgery the next morning. Miles hung out with us too, so he was able to get the lay of the land and had a fun time playing with Way up in his hospital bed!

And then Tuesday morning we were down ready for surgery by 8 am. The doctors prepped us for a 3-5 hour surgery and Way was out of surgery in under 1.5 hours! His surgeon was incredible and we hear one of the best in the world! Day 1 was rough, particularly his first night. He really wasn't responding well to one of his drugs, so they took him off that the next morning once we realized how agitated it made him feel. He was off his breathing machine by Day 2 and even his IV at the end of the day. Day 3, he took a baby step back and had to be put back on oxygen and the IV again, because he wasn't eating, but his catheter was removed and several other things too. And then, other than a few small details, each day we saw more progress and Way was on his way to a speedy recovery!

His nurses were all so sweet and I quickly became attached to each one (even the ones that had us up at 1 and 4am), and was sad when their 12 hour shift ended! I'm sure it's different for them, having other patients and just doing their job, but for me, they were taking care of our little baby and we were just grateful and wanted to get to know them!

The near-week at the hospital was surreal. It seemed like forever, but yet went so quickly. Our older boys came up to see Way on Wednesday afternoon and we took Way on wagon rides here and there to change his scenery. It was tiring and emotional at times, but we had SO many visitors and texts and emails and phone calls--we were just flooded with love!

In the weeks before Way's surgery, I felt a heaviness from the upcoming event, but yet a peace that only comes from the Lord. I tried not to think about it, because I thought I would worry, and the Lord prevailed, as always, and gave me comfort. Way had so many people praying for him and we did too. Still do. And my heart is overflowing!

Way has a 6 week recovery period. That means, no therapies (maybe speech) and no lifting him under his arms. We now have to scoop him up, whenever he pick him up. A hard thing to do and to remember! Before his heart surgery, he had just started inching and scooting on his tummy for toys. We were concerned we would have to prevent him from being mobile. Turns out, if it hurts him, he won't do it. And guess what? We've seen him inch around already! Incredible! Children are so resilient!!

So Way is recovering quite well! We are so thankful and filled with joy! He's barely missed a beat, smiling and dancing and of course, grabbing our hands and insisting we sing The Itsy-Bitsy Spider every second of the day! We love him with all of our hearts!!

Home, post-surgery on an unbelievably cool day in mid-May, and still all smiles!!


Simply LKJ said...

So precious. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear all went well with his surgery and that smile just says it all!!

jillemersonbell said...

I'm so thankful, Lindley!!!!

Suzanne said...

Gorgeous baby way we love you to Him and back...and I am so super proud your momma is my friend!!!

Molly Witherington said...

Precious Way. I just love all these pics of him. What a joy he is. So thankful for him and for all of the Jacksons.

Sarah said...

So glad he is doing well! What a cutie!

Brittany F said...

I'm so glad to hear that all is well with Little Way. The Lord is Great! We're thinking about you and praying for your family.


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