Thursday, May 22, 2014

6 years and ALL heart!

Whew! The last week of school, preceded by a surgery has thrown me for a loop! I'm behind on lots of things, but so thankful for summer break, where the calendar is fresh for a bit and we can hopefully take a deep breath and let things fall into place!

When I started blogging 7 years ago, I was blogging for memory keeping. This little space has turned into more than that now, but I don't want to stray completely from memory keeping, because it is my littles and our family and our love for the Lord that keeps me writing. So since it is May 22nd and Charlie's birthday was April 15th, I think it's time for a birthday boy post!!

Sweet Chuckles turned 6 this year, during his Kindergarten year of school. Oh my what an amazing boy he is! He started his day greeted with balloons and donuts--right up his alley!

And then, it was off to school! This year, we were able to eat lunch with him a school (he chose McDonald's for a special treat, I wouldn't have expected anything else) and we were also able to come read to his class and be with him as his class presented their Birthday Book for Charlie present!
Chuckles is funny. He was super bashful when we were there, but he told us he was SOOO glad we were there! He is shy, yet he's a friend magnet. Doesn't love to be on stage or have the spotlight on him, yet he draws his buddies in! 

Later that night, we had a family dinner at a pizza place in town. That's right, he ate donuts for breakfast, McDonald's for lunch and pizza for dinner. Not to mention cupcakes, etc. We were detoxing the next day! Mimi, Grandpa and Aunt Mary helped us celebrate too!

The little kiddo has been missing a favorite lovie for several months now. Have NO idea what happened to it or where it went. I honestly think it fell out of the car at some point, some where. So, he got a bike and a soccer ball and jersey and a couple of other things from family, but this was his reaction to a new Buddy. . .

He was just beside himself! Just another endearing part of our little boy!

And a couple of weeks later, we celebrated turning 6 with a soccer party (he loves ALL things soccer) and his friends! Chad wore them out with a bunch of soccer drills and a scrimmage, but, they were replenished with cake and treats! These little friends of his have been so sweet and a real encouragement to Charlie, too. We are thankful for them!

Charlie, we hope you know how loved you are! You are so very special to us! You are full of energy and life and can persevere like no other! You are a younger brother and the youngest in your class, but this has taught you to keep on pedaling! You are determined and you try so hard at everything---someone I want to be just like! Charlie, you are full of emotion and just plain people-smart! You can read people and sense things. You know when someone needs to be loved on and prayed for. You love the Lord and have a desire to know the Bible. You can be gentle and encouraging and rough and in control. At 6, even if you are a young 6 for your class, you have an inner peace--something I believe is God-given. Charlie, we are so very proud of you and what you've accomplished this past year, but even more importantly, we are so very proud of WHO you are!!! We love you with all of our hearts! Happy 6th Birthday, Chuckles!!!!


Anonymous said...

Charlie melts my heart with those adorable smiles and eyes. What else can I say,but love him dearly. Mimi

Chemberry said...

Great bblog you have here


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