Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Photo description

Word bubble: bottles and cups begging to be in the dishwasher
Green arrow: pointing to my awesome mixer covered in flour and cookie dough
Pink arrow: pointing to a pizza box--because that's how we rolled tonight
White arrow: pointing to my Coke--because that's what fueled me on!
Red arrow: pointing to a Sunday school craft Miles just brought to the counter of chaos!
All of that in addition to the ingredients for making cookies and a Lightning McQueen hanging out!
Kitchen chaos.  
This is real life, people!

Word. As in Oh, my word. I mean, this photo does not do justice to the way my kitchen looked last night. But I'll give you a little insight to this mess.

It was Christmas cookie baking afternoon. After Miles, Way and I picked up big brothers from school, we headed to the grocery store for one item I was missing from our ingredients. Oh, how I wish it was safe to leave the children in the car for 5 minutes for a quick run-in, but it's not, so we all traipsed in. And, I left exhausted--from a mere 5 minutes with everyone in the store! This was after we stopped at the drug store to find the reindeer antlers and nose for our car that Miles has been so sweetly asking for. Every car we pass that looks like Rudolph sends him into giggles, saying, "That car is so crazy Mommy! Hahahaa! We should make our car so crazy!" How do you resist that?

Anyway, after making it home and getting the ingredients out, I find out I was missing yet another key ingredient to our cookies--flour. Sooo, since it was a balmy 65 degrees, I sent the boys out to play and I debated texting my neighbor with a 2 week old to see if I could borrow some flour, because I sure was not going back to the store! Thankfully, she's awesome, and I scored some flour!

And so the baking began and was of course interrupted by life and 4 littles asking thousands of questions and needing one thing after another. Things got delayed, and dinner was pushed back, so we ordered a pizza and watched Frosty Returns. But that was not any good, so we had to follow it with the original Frosty, to make things right with the world!

The boys got to bed a smidge late, and this was how my kitchen looked after putting them down, not usually something I'd be thrilled with, but last night, although exhausted, I'd say I was content.

Hoping in the midst of your Christmas season chaos, in your real-life, you are able to find yourself content!


Molly Witherington said...

Love this and love you. I find it near impossible to do the grocery with 3, don't know how you do it with 4, and sans minivan!!! Supermom. Even if y'all do watch movies and order pizza:) I was part of a December freezer meal swap and it has saved our eating this month. And, absolutely on the Frosty review. The original is the way to go. LOVE that Professor Hinkle. Oh, and our car was Rudolph last year b/c one of my youth group girls brought it to our gift swap and I wound up with it! Score! I know it'll look even better on the minivan I'll be driving next year! I'm caving - don't judge:)

lindley said...

No, I love you, Molly! And the response I got from the antlers today would make me do anything for that 3 year old--even drive a minivan if he asked me too! :)


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