Friday, December 20, 2013

FYI Friday: Christmas Card Flops 2013!

A couple of months ago, my parents were over at our house and when they arrived, my dad handed me our mail and said, "I don't know how you don't check your mail everyday!" I'm sure I rolled my eyes and made a smarty pants comment, but I  know I said, "You better believe I do during the Christmas season!"

And here we are!! It's the Christmas season and our window and door trims are filling up with family and friends' Christmas cards! I just love getting these in the mail and seeing all of these faces smiling and sending warm Christmas wishes! (And Lauren, I know you feel me on this--here's to another week of fun mail)!

But do you ever look at those amazing cards and wonder what it took to get that wonderful shot? Well, if you are my sister and bro-in-law, you just sit down, look gorgeous, take a pic and your done. But just wait until you have kiddos, Biffer, then Christmas card photos are on!! Because this is what really goes on behind the perfect shot. . .and these are only a few of the flops!

Christmas card flops 2013

First things first. . . we may be in trouble later in his life. I mean, look at Miles' mischievous smile!!

Next in line, Ummmm, someone grab hold of your baby bro! Way is falling over and Miles looks scared or in mid, "Mommy can I see the picture?"

And then, there's the one when Luke looks slightly bored or jealous, Miles is hyped up on something, Charlie's had a little too much of something and Way has every right to be terrified!

So when you think it's just not going to happen, press on friends, it just might. . .

Thanks to my friend, Kelly, at Libbylu Designs for once again making card magic happen!

Merry Mail Season!


Simply LKJ said...

So precious, the outtakes are always my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Love this picture of our little grandsons! Precious - Love Mimi

Unknown said...
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