Friday, December 6, 2013

FYI Friday: frightful and frigid but having fun!

From the moment we started talking about Christmas, sometime in November, Miles has talked about it snowing on Christmas. We've pressed further when he comments that, "It's not snowing yet, because it's not Christmas!" and still aren't quite sure why he associates Christmas with snow. He's just newly 3 years old. He may have only seen one snow that he can remember and it was the day after Christmas last year. Maybe he remembers the snow as a part of the Christmas season, or maybe he's going to be a winter, snow loving child like his Mommy, and will always be dreaming of a white Christmas! I'm still dreaming . . .

I found this on Pinterest the other day and I'm ready to pack our house and move up North. 
Isn't it beautiful??

And while we don't have snow around here yet, we're bracing for Ice Storm 2013. Hard to believe that Wednesday afternoon, we were outside playing in the leaves in 75 degree weather. . .

School was cancelled yesterday for today in anticipation of the approaching storm. Yes, we live in the South. So, we're snuggled up inside and praying our power stays on--though no real signs of too much icing yet! But, baby, it's cold outside!! AND--we love it!!! We even hang up snow flakes on the window just to keep our dreams alive! :)

Hoping these branches hang on to this tree in our backyard, if in fact, the Ice Storm does hit!

And because I can't seem to pass up an "F" on FYI Fridays, if you haven't seen or heard about What Does the Fox Say? (a music video gone viral on You Tube and now the radio and iTunes) then pop your head up and look alive! I was late in the game discovering this, but we're all singing it around here these days! Click here for lots of laughter and a catchy tune!
Promise you'll be singing this one later!

Happy Friday!! And for those of you with ice and snow, Happy Winter Weather!! Be safe!

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Brittany F said...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm missing the wintery mix of ice and snow, knowing everyone in Memphis is bundled up!

Happy Snow Day to you and your boys!


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