Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas wrap-up!

I started taking the Christmas decorations down on Saturday and was met with our 3 year old, pleading, "Mommy, please don't take away our Christmas!!" Oh stab in my heart! Trust me, sweet Miles, there's no one who would rather do this less!

We had such a sweet Christmas! It all started with the boys running into our room and waking us up! We cuddled up in bed, read Luke 2 and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. And then the boys' excitement couldn't be contained any longer. . .It was the year when Miles simply wanted a "bear blankie" (think big, soft, cuddly blanket to keep him from being cold--makes us all think of a bear) a scarf, and a little green car! He went to bed on Christmas Eve telling me he thought Santa would bring him a present. As in 1 present. Ohhhh, precious heart! He didn't expect more. It was also the year when Luke and Charlie desired a 3-DS, and while they didn't get that, they did get a Wii and are currently thrilled! Sweet Baby Way received a few new toys and we all received some new family games (including a marble run) that we are excited to play!! Hubby will be playing his trumpet and mastering the new trumpet music he has--from praise and hymns, to Les Mis and Disney, he has a lot to tackle! And I will be learning how to play the guitar---thanks to my Christmas present from Hubby and my little boys! A guitar and lessons---so beyond excited!!!

We snacked on a breakfast of pigs in a blanket, that my wonderful bro-in-law brought over and cinnamon rolls, opened gifts and played before heading over to my parents for more opening, playing and eating!

I had to leave our tree up another day, along with our Advent, but it had to all disappear this weekend since today, we are leaving for the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix to watch our Baylor Bears play in their first-ever BCS bowl game! We are SO excited!! I've scheduled a couple of posts this week, but I'll definitely be posting trip pics on Instagram! I'm @ Ourmorningglories if you are on Instagram!
(Oh, and robbers, there will be someone at our house)!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas, too!

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