Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a thankful mess

We've been kind of a mess the last couple of days. But that's life, right? A little sickness has made it's way back into our home. Sinus infections and fever, nothing too serious, but things that make you feel like crawling into bed and sleeping them away. That, and Hubby's grandfather passed away last night. I usually don't really address things like this in my little space, because I like talking in person about these things, but then this hasn't happened too often with us. It is a sad time for our family, but a joyful time too. We know all about his strong faith in the Lord--one that has encouraged Chad and me in so many ways. His devotion to Grandmom was like nothing I've seen before. What an example they have been for our marriage! So while he will definitely be missed here on Earth, we rejoice that we will be seeing him in heaven!

And on the note of being thankful, because we are called to be thankful in everything. . .I've joined with my friend, (and fellow Baylor alum) Liz, of Lark and Bloom, on Instagram to post a something I am thankful for each day during this month of Thanksgiving.

This is how she snagged me. . .wanna join us?

And if you aren't on Instagram, the first four days of November I've been thankful for. . .

God's beauty--sunlight and leaves on fire. . .

a fun Saturday and time to soak up my precious buddies

a beautiful worship service at our church led by the Getty's

and comfort food

God is good. I'm so thankful!
And maybe I can get in the groove and get a November header up! And Disney pics. And birthdays, and. . .lots of catching up to do too! Hang tight!


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